Custom Sublimated Hoodie
Design: LTB-912-230

$ 59.99

Sublimated Performance Hoodie with patented xPoly™ exterior & ultra-soft combed fleece interior. Combines maximum durability with ultimate comfort. Oversized double-ply hood & extra-large front pocket. Sublimation allows for endless colors, textures & patterns for limitless customization!

  • This hoodie is available with FREE custom name and number on the back.
  • For customization, input the name and number EXACTLY as you want it to appear on the hoodie. For the name, use all capital letters unless a lower case character is desired.
  • For single digit numbers, do NOT include a leading zero unless a leading zero is desired on the hoodie. For example, by entering a number of “03” in the number field, the hoodie will be produced with the printed number “03”.
  • If you do not wish to personalize the item, please leave the fields for name and number blank.
  • Back number style accommodating two different player numbers is available. Many customers find this useful for an order supporting multiple players. To print two numbers please include BOTH numbers in the number field separated by the character /.

Please click here for Hoodie Sizing Information.
Note that Triboh hoodies do not gather tightly at the waist like a traditional cotton hoodie. Triboh hoodies are designed to hang loose similar to the look of a hockey jersey.